Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rainbow Cranium

A throwback to 2010 when this studio jam started surfacing at the start of almost every live set running into 2011.

Rainbow Cranium

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's all about the placement of the 'N'

No #TBT or #FBF but I am after an opinion or two...

Ok so I have a dilemma (not really #1stworldproblems), some little dood in the UK has started a project called Axxon N - he didn't do the prerequisite google search to see that there's already a bunch of AXXONNs, ha ee band fail>. But, his particular choice of lettering seems to fall close enough to mine, so much so that I'm beginning to see a google/press/playlist/spotify overlap. I could do the American thing and send a cease and desist? not sure that's my style. Or I could keep completing the recent interview requests I'm receiving and continue sending the press shots of Tasmanian Beef cattle. As it happens, this project was also inspired by David Lynch (check back to some of the first pics posted on this page), I guess if David would weigh in that would just make things easier, perhaps he can send us all cease and desists?!

 What do you think? (it is pretty fun to do someone elses interviews)

 MESS+NOISE #AXXONN #therealAXXONN #tasmanianbeefcattle

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Below The Dead Ones

AXXONN Below The Dead Ones
Below The Dead Ones (2010)

BELOW THE DEAD ONES (2010), my first release on another label, the ever excellent Brisbane based label BEDROOM SUCK packed in a really nice cassette with great work by Joe Alexander. This release was a re-exploration of the inaugural AXXONN release, an attempt to go deeper and darker. Two of the tracks, 'Deficit' and 'Urine Mote', I played live for nearly a year, they were super fun tracks to play live and sounded huge on big PA systems. All up I felt the cassette came out pretty well rounded, years later I still enjoy listening to it and hope you do too.... #tbt Download for free here: http://shop.axxonnband.com/album/below-the-dead-ones-2 Direct DL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37646533/AXXONN%20-%20Below%20The%20Dead%20Ones.zip

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Masters Of The Epic Day

Masters Of The Epic Day was the second AXXONN release, it was basically made as a tour promo/EP to generate publicity and also handout/sell on tour in Europe in July/August 2009. While it was of the same DIY approach as Should You Fear Hell?, the sound that characterised AXXONN was beginning to be harnessed, the nuts and bolts of the production and how material came together was beginning to be locked down.

Whilst a long way from the current sound, I'm still quite fond of this release. Particularly the track 'Nikki Grace', named after the character from David Lynch's film Inland Empire. The track Nikki Grace also became the song to which the first video clip was made/mangled.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Should You Fear Hell?

AXXONN Should You Fear Hell?
AXXONN - Should You Fear Hell? (debut release 2008)

So there's a new AXXONN release in the pipeline, in the lead up to it's release I'm going to dredge up all the old classics and give them away for free or pay what you like, from the start to present. Here's the first little known release "Should you fear hell?" super low-fi (aka recorded through a mic in a tube sock and coated in vaseline) released back in 2008 via 50 custom designed CD-Rs and given out at the first AXXONN live gig, unfortunately I don't even have one of those 50. I hope you enjoy this #tbt listen...  http://shop.axxonnband.com/album/should-you-fear-hell

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's Go

Far too long between drinks, new AXXONN in the pipeline, in the lead up I'm going share the entire back catalog week by week, here we go...